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Great news!!!

I have now two vendors to count on for Landing gear. One here in the USA, and anoyher in Europe.

The Beachcraft 350i King Air is now compleated and fully supported with Hardware kit, Coposite Kit, CF Tube Kit & Landing Gear!!!


Designs use Laser Cut Balsa, Birch ply, Liteply, and

Aircraft Grade Aluminum to Insure Accuracy


Glass Covered Balsawood Sheeting

on Exterior Surfaces for Strength


Assemblies Jigged for

Ease & Accuracy of Build

Prices for all types of Builders


A. Plans only: These are available at the prices noted below. No other support documents or photos are provided; these would be supplied with the Short kits!

            1. Single engine Models                  $150.00 USD

            2. Multi-engine Models                     $200.00 USD


 B. 3/6 View outline drawings

            1. Single engine Models                   $50.00 USD

            2. Multi-engine Models                   $100.00 USD


C. 3/6 View outline drawings w/ Former, Foil & stationing information.

1. Single engine Models                     $75.00 USD

            2. Multi-engine Models                    $150.00 USD


D, Short Kits

1. Single engine Models                $1000.00 to ±$1500.00 USD

          2. Multi-engine Models                    $1500.00 to ±$3000.00 USD


All plans and documents are sent to you in PDF format via internet so they are not subject to shipping charges. I do not supply printed plans or documents, as you can have them printed for far less then what I would charge you to print and ship them. Plus, if you screw them up, head back to the printers!! The drawings are done in half model scale, so if you plan to cut or have a cutter cut the parts from the drawing they will need to be scaled by two [2:1]. The documents are all on Metric size sheets as they then are printable in the USA as well as abroad. I do not supply full scale plans [1:1], as 80 to 90% of the model is built in or on jigs, so the plans are only to support the build.


If you wish to purchase the plans separately, half their prices will be deduced from the short kit price if you order it within 30 days.


The options that are supplied by others are ordered directly from the supplier and will shipped directly to you to save the extra shipping charge if I had order and then re-ship them to you.


Prices on kits and options include shipping for US locations in the 48. Other areas will require a price increase by 15% cover the additional shipping and handling charges..



The Americas:


Charles G. Loud III
2565 S. Signal Butte Rd. #40
Mesa, AZ 85209-2140


Australia: SHolk RC:


European: Awlaserdesign:

Chick On Photo For Info

North American B-25J Mitchell
Lockheed P-3 Orion
Dornier Do-34T
Stinson SR-9 Floats
F + W C3603 Firefly
Curtiss F11C-2 Goshawk
Boeing B314 Clipper
General Dynamics XFY-1 Pogo
Boeing Bell M-22 Osprey

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