MISSION: Our mission is to provide giant true scale designs for the inexperienced to the master builders. Products may include Standard Design, designer owned, all the way to a full Custom Design where the customer is the sole proprietor of all developed drawings and bears all the costs of the development. Designed products can include any or all of the following; Plans, Short kit (Plans and other documents and the cut parts; wood & hardware,) or Full kit (Short Kit plus any available support option desired)

CURRENT AVAILABLE PRODUCTS: These Design that have been released for sale. They come in any or all forms noted above:

DESIGNED PRODUCTS: These designs can be viewed by use of the "PROJECT" radio button above. Some of these products are not be complete; check on the individual produce for status, using the A/C individual Radio Button. All designs may be modified for a time and material fee.

CUSTOM DESIGN: Is a design of an agreed upon A/C selected by builder and that Designer agrees to design. There must be enough information to produce the design, as if there is not, it is impossible to create a true scale model. The design is drawn to the builder's desired construction method or an agreed upon method. Builder is required to approve all drawings at appropriate stages of design. All drawings become proprietary to the Builder when contract is fulfilled.

GENERAL PRODUCT INFORMATION: All designs can be provided in English, Metric or both form of dimensioning.

DISTRIBUTORS: There are distributors in the United States [Bylouddesign.com], Europe [ScaleAir.ch] and Australia [scmodels.com.au]. If you live in one of these areas please contact your local distributor. However I will be more then glad to discuss you project or needs at any time.



CONTACT: charles.loud@bylouddesign.com

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