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Dee Howard 500

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This is a very good build thread, captharley is doing a great job on it and the model. It shows the assembly of the various components from the jig to a completed component. With several of the assemblies completed up thru sheeting you can see the grace of this model. Photos from the thread can be seen below.

Short Kit Includes

Plan Sets; color & b/w, Construction Set, Construction Notes, Builder’s Material List and Laser cut wood parts.


Options Includes

Laser cut special hardware.

Under development are the Cowlings, nacelles.

Landing gear by Century Jet

Fowler flap jack screw system by Century Jet


General Information

Aircraft Designation:                           Dee Howard 500

Project Scale                                      1:5

Wing Span                                          168.875"

Fuselage Length                               140.3125"       

Control Surfaces

Ailerons                       +25° / -8°

Fowler Flap                 -35°

Elevator                       +20° / -15°

Rudders                      ±30°

Engines (2 each)                                RCS150 Radials

Fuel Tank (Inboard each wing.)          64 oz


Fuselage Construction

Fuselage ~ Two pieces, separation is just aft of the wing TE

Air frame ~ 1/8" & 1/4" Liteply

Formers ~ 1/8" & 1/4" Birch ply & Liteply

Longitudinal stringers ~ 1/4" & 3/16" balsa, w/ 1/4" Liteply keels & backbone

Fuselage connector ~ CF tubes & Phenolic sleeves

Sheeting ~ 1/8" balsa w/ glass & epoxy resin


Vertical & Horizontal Stabilizer Construction

Ribs ~ 1/8" Balsa, Birch ply & Liteply

LE ~ 1/8" Birch ply

TE ~ 1/32" Birch ply

Spars ~ 1/8" Birch ply & Liteply & CF stiffener

Sheeting ~ 3/32" Balsa w/ glass & epoxy resin


Wing Construction

Four (4) pieces, inboard section separation inside fuselage, Tip section separates at flap/ ailerons joint.

Ribs ~ 1/8" & 1/4" Balsa, Birch ply & Liteply

LE ~ 1/4" Liteply

TE ~ 1/32" Birch ply

Spars are "I" beam construction of 1/8" Liteply. Connections are of CF tubing w/ Phenolic sleeves

Sheeting ~ 3/32" balsa w/ glass % epoxy resin

Build Photos

Photos are talen from the build thread reach vis the button at top of page. A great example of a fuselage being built on the atteched jig till the jig had to be remove tpo complete the bottom sheeting.

Fuselage jig ready for parts!

Completed Fuselage Jig
Fuselage with jig still inplace as construction continues!
Fuselage build almost complete with the excepion of that narror strip on the bottom

Chick On Photo For Info

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