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Current & Future Model Projects

The following are project under the design phase or of interest to the designer a/o have had some interest shown by builders on the various web sites for R/C modeling. They are shown in the order of intended completion or interest shown. The Future Modeld are ones that I have found enough data to feel I can do a true scale model and have done some work on. Check out the list of Possible Models at the bottom of the page. If one of them seriously interests you use the contact feature to let us know and we will get back to you!

Current Model Projects

Beechcraft 350i King Air Release

Release planned for late summer 2015

Construction Notes

The construction is done by jigs for about 80-90% of the major components. There is no need to build over plans or pin things to work boards or benches, good flat building surface is all you need. Any construction that requires special consideration is covered in the “Assembly Process” and details are shown in the “Plan Set” drawings.


General Information

Aircraft Designation:        Beechcraft 350i King Air X

Project Scale                          1:4

Wing Span                              173.750"

Fuselage length                      140.000"         

Height                                       43.000"

Flaps                                        -60°

Elevators                                 +25/-15°

Ailerons                                   +25/-15°

Rudder                                    ±25°

De Havilland DHC-4 Caribou

Release planned for the winter of 2015

General Information

Aircraft Designation:                           DHC-4 Caribou

Project Scale                                      1:10

Wing Span                                          114.700"

Fuselage length                                    87.100"         

Flaps [only]                                          40°

Flaps + ailerons                                  60°

Horizontal Stabilizer                            +0/-4°

Elevators                                             +20/-10°

Ailerons                                               +21/-16°

Rudder                                                ±20

Future Models Projects

The models below have had a good amount of work done on them, when there is time available they will be worked on. The oder they will be accomplish depends on the amount of interest shown in the model.

Grumman TBM Avenger

The scale and design has not been settled at this time, most likely 1:5 to 1:4 scale and standard comstruction. Some design work accomplished, release is not scheduled. Not an active project currently.

Bristol 156 X Beaufighter

Some design work accomplished, release is not scheduled. Not an active project currently.

General Information

Aircraft Designation:                           Bristol 156 Beaufighter X

Project Scale                                      1:4

Wing Span                                          173.500"

Fuselage length                                  124.25"           

Flaps                                                              -60°

Elevators                                             +25/-15°

Ailerons                                               +25/-15°

Rudder                                                ±25°

Messerschmitt Me 262

The scale and design has not been settled at this time, most likely 1:5 to 1:4 scale and standard comstruction. Some design work accomplished, releases is not schuled. Not an active project currently

Fairchild Republic A-10 Warthog

Adequate data found to do a true scale model, the scale and design has not been settled at this time, some of the line drwings are done. The model will most likely be done in 1:5 to 1:4 scale and standard comstruction practices. Release not settled.

Possible Models Projects

Have done enough research to believe that a giant scale model is possible. There is no preference as to which one would be done first. However if someone wishes to step up and fund a model the door is always open for new project. If there is time available in the schedule it will start immedately, if not it will be done on a first come, first served basis!

Grumman S-2 Tracker                1:7 ~ 124.375” [3.16m]

Grumman OV-1A Mohawk          1:5 ~ 115.250” [2.93m]

Hawker Hurricane MK1               1:4 ~ 120.000” [3.05m]

Stinson Model A                            1:4 ~ 120.000” [3.05m]

Platius PC-9M                              1:4 ~ 100.000” [2.54m]

Grumman J2F Duck                   1:4 ~ 117.000” [2.97m]

Mitsubichi A6M2                           1:4 ~ 118.125” [3.00m]

Canadair CL-415                        1:10 ~112.750” [2.86m]

Chick On Photo For Info

North American B-25J Mitchell
Lockheed P-3 Orion
Dornier Do-34T
Stinson SR-9 Floats
F + W C3603 Firefly
Curtiss F11C-2 Goshawk
Boeing B314 Clipper
General Dynamics XFY-1 Pogo
Boeing Bell M-22 Osprey

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