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Stinson SR-9 Reliant

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Short Kit Includes:

Plan Sets; color &b/w, Construction Set, Construction Notes, Material List and laser cut wood parts.


Options Include:

Alum laser cut special hardware,

Steerable tail wheel by Century Jet

Composite Set of cowl, wheel pants, & main landing gear strut by SC Models



General Information

Aircraft Designation:               Stinson SR-9 Reliant

Project Scale                          1:4

Wing Span                              125.750"

Fuselage Length                     83.000"

Possible Feature:

            Landing Light Deployment

            Navigation Lights


Engine                         ±120 cc

Fuel Tank                                16 oz   [.47L]


Fuselage Construction

            Air Frame ~ 1/8", 1/4" Birch & Liteply 

            Formers ~ 1/8", 1/4" Birch & Liteply

            Stringers ~ 1/4" x 3/8" Balsa

            Sheeting ~ 1/16" balsa forward, corners w/ fabric aft


Wing Construction

            Sections ~ two each remove at fairing

            Ribs ~ 1/4" Balsa, Birch & Liteply

            LE ~ 1/8" Liteply

            TE ~ 1/32" Birch ply.

            Spars ~ 1/4" Liteply w/ CT tubing

            Dural nose ~ 1/16" Balsa w/ remainder fabric


Vertical & Horizontal Stabilizer Construction

            Ribs ~ 1/8" Balsa, Birch & Liteply

            LE ~ 1/8" Liteply

            TE 1/32" Birch ply

            Spars ~ 1/4" Liteply w/ CF tubes

            Covering ~ Balsa block dural noses w/ remainder fabric




The Cowl & Wheel pants are provided by SC Models. Note the loverd acess doors!

SR-9 Cowl
SR-9 Wheel Pants

Floats Edo 39-4000

Contact the distributor or for details!

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