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Lockheed P-3 Orion

Down load the Brochure and Info/Price Sheet

This is a very good build thread, although it is not completed as Kevc has a new family member and many other plates on the table. It shows the assembly of the various components well; less the sheeting. Thie Orion will be a very nice model. Photos from the thread can be seen below.

Short Kit Includes:

Plan Sets; color & b/w, Construction Notes, Builder’s Material List and Laser cut wood parts.


Options Include:

Alum laser cut special hardware

Landing gear by Century Jet

Cowls & nacelles by SC Models


General Information

Aircraft Designation:                           Lockheed P-3 Orion

Project Scale                                      1:10

Wing Span                                          120.000"

Fuselage Length                                 152.437"

Control Surfaces

Ailerons                                               ±30°                                        

Flaps                                                   15° [Take off]

                                                            25° [Maneuvering]

                                                            40° [Landing]



Propulsion                                           Electric

Batteries                                              Lipo w/ ESC


Fuselage can be in one or two piece with stabilizers attached aft part. Separation is just aft of wing

Connectors ~ CF tubes w/ Phenolic sleeves

Air Frame 1/8" & 1/4" Birch & Liteply

Keel 1/4" Liteply & backbone 'I' beam 1/8" Liteply

Formers ~ 1/8" & 1/4" Birch & Liteply

Stringers ~ Alternating 3/16" & 1/4" sq balsa on 15°

Sheeting ~ 1/8" balsa w/ glass & epoxy resin


Wing Construction

Separation at the wing/fuselage fairing

Ribs ~ 1/8" & 1/4" Balsa, Birch &  Liteply

LE ~ 1/8" Birch ply

TE ~ 1/32" Birch ply

Spars ~ "I" beam 1/8" Liteply

Connection ~ CF tubes w/ Phenolic sleeves

Sheeting ~ 3/32" balsa w/ glass & epoxy resin


Horizontal & Vertical Stabilizers, Elevators & Rudder

Fixed to the fuselage

Ribs ~ 1/8" & 1/4" Balsa, Birch & Liteply

LE ~ 1/8" Birch ply

TE ~ 1/32" Birch ply

Sheeting ~ 3/32" balsa w/ glass & epoxy resin

Spars ~ 1/8" Liteply w/ 1/16" Birch ply skin and 3/16" sq CF stringers into fuselage

Sheeting ~ 3/32" balsa w/ glass & epoxy resin

Build Photos

Photos are talen from the build thread reach vis the button at top of page. A great example of a fuselage being built on the atteched jig till the jig had to be remove tpo complete the bottom sheeting.

Forward & aft fuselage jig load with formers and flooring. Note the jig leg below assembly
Fuselage further along with stabs assembed to aft section.
Well on its way to completion. Note jigs still under all assemblies
Is that not COOL!!! Great job Kevin!

Chick On Photo For Info

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